How to Maximize RPM Using Active View Viewable Google Adsense

November 4, 2017

Adsense is best online earning contextual advertisement network working on the internet but most of the people do not know what is the best location for Active View Viewable getting High RPM and 100% viewing Google Advertisement.

how to maximize active view viewable google

Maximum Google ads view is make your RPM High and you get maximum pay per click for advertisement. Try Google AdSense Alternatives for making money online.

in this article, I will teach you what is the best location you use for maximizing Google Adsense earning from content.

How to Maximize Active View Viewable Google Adsense

What is Google Active Viewable?

Google Active viewable impression measurement technology developed by Google. People only pay when the user is seeing the advertisement. It’s work on the real-time basis you get earning when the advertisement is seeing on the page. When the user scrolls down and advertisement is now showing you get low active viewable ads it’s rate is quite lower than active.

Active view if the fully transparent system and based on direct measurement of every impression you get from traffic.

Best Location For Google Advertisement Pay Higher.

There is such location for different types of ads like Video and Article based website. In article view advertisement first ads location is top of right gives you 100% view when the user is active on any page.

active view viewable google

The second Number the best and ideal location is to post ads on after the article first paragraph is just because when user visit into website user decided to read article or not they read all first paragraph if he found material then he goes to read more.

Finding the best practice for active view viewable google advertisement for content please go here and if you are looking for active view viewable google advertisement for videos go here and arrange ads like professional to make a huge rpm.


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