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10 Best Highest Pay Adsense Alternative 2017

October 25, 2017

Adsense is Top highest pay advertisement program and not for everyone. Adsense need requirement to approved account. are you looking for the best Highest pay Adsense Alternative? Listing some of the top Google Adsense alternative advertisement networks.

Adsense Alternative

Adsense like fresh content and approved that application which website has fresh content and written by the highly professional writer. getting rejected or banned by AdSense try Adsense competitors networks that will help you Monetize your Website and adsense alternatives for low traffic make money online via blogging.

10 Best Highest Pay Adsense Alternative 2017


Media-net-Adsense Alternative is Yahoo/Bing Advertising Network and best alternative to Google Adsense. Its ads are quite similar to Google Adsense also earning is similar but Google paid little higher then support mobile advertisement. is largest Contextual Ads networks and boast by top publisher networks like Reuters and good housekeeping. offers several ad styles and ad blocks are available in different sizes. ads appear same like google and only displayed to search engine traffic.

2: Amobee

Amobee adsense alternatives for low traffic

amobee is another best google alternative offers in-text advertisements similar like infolinks which one I mentioned below. amobee Kontera ads don’t take additional ad space on your website. This ad makes a content in shape of relevant keywords make automatically hyperlinked text ads.

amobee Publisher network also supports mobile ads so you can generate revenues from the mobile you can customize ads with styling and also restrict any keywords.

3: Infolinks

Infolinks best adsense alternative

Infolinks is one of the best papular Adsense Alternatives Ad network has been seeing on most of the papular blogs and its earning potential is good and attractive. infolinkes offers in-text ads and they pay per click for the publisher. They don’t pay on impression infolinks turn keywords into ads links and display the advertisement when visitor visit your blog. the ads of infolinks does’t take space on your blog the content keywords is your ads on infolinkes and they pay for this keywords. infolinks also offers Research, Intag ads, and  Inframe.

4: Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits best alternative to google

Revenue Hits also a Strong Advertisement Network and has been working since 2 years and so far the result of Revenue hits is great. The ad network is paying you for result CPA, which is great for maximum revenue. the advance platform for advertisement ads gives you the high rate of advertisement keep ads running for at least 3 – 5 days to get a better result. Another option monetization channel option available to create banners ads, sliders, popup and button for receiving payments you can easily use your PayPal or Payoneer account for payments.

5: ClickSor

Clicksor companies like adsense

Clicksor is AdSense alternatives for low traffic. clicksor is contextual advertising network similar to Google AdSense which offers relevant ads to your blog content. Revenue generates by clicksor is depend on performance and site traffic for better revenue.

6: Buy Sell Ads

BuySellAds google ads alternative

BuySellAds sells advertising best alternative to Google for approval of this you need to improve your page rank, inbound links, and quality. they site only accept high-quality content site has good PageRank and material in the website.

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You have full control on your ad space offer price according to market rate and ads is similar to Google AdSense support many ads like google such as image, text, display, RSS feed ads etc. Buy SellAds only accept English language Site and has minimum 100K page view per month is the applicable site for apply.

7: Chitika

Chitika google ads competitors

Chitika is Google Adsense alternatives for blogger because is very similar to Adsense, allow you to customize ads and it’s only server contextual advertisement. One of the best thing about Chitika ads you can use it with Adsense there is no problem.

Chitika Minimum paying amount is $10 and payments via PayPal. if recommend my first choice of google ads alternative is Chitika and its approved easily without wasting time. Chitika Ads network also supports mobile ads which are best ads for mobile earning.

 8: Adclick Media

adclickmedia google adsense alternatives

AdClick Media google advertising which is similar to Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic offer pay per click earning the opportunity for website owners and bloggers.

9: PopCash

POPCash google adsense alternatives for blogger

PopAds Specially design for Pop-under ad and the average earnings for the site is $4 for sending 1K unique Visitor per day. The best option for PopCash is the minimum payout s $5 so you can easily get paid when you reach earning $5. The account is PopCash is easy to approve the site has no longer required.

10: Adversal

Adversal google advertising

Adversal is best Adsense alternative and good for banners ads and use algorithms like CTR similar to Google Adsense has good CTR Ads gives highest earning on Adversal. The requirement is similar like google minimum 50K Page view per month and also support Pop Under/CPM Ads. Adversal pay via paypal .

11: PopAds

POPAds pay per click Pop up Ads network

PopAds is also Similar ads network of PopCash. They have good rates for monetizing all countries also same pay as daily basis like popcash .


In this article, We give detail about Highest Pay Adsense Alternative are working on the internet and similar to Google Adsense giving pay per click for Advertisement.

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In My Opinion, Having a Huge website getting targeted traffic for internet use, Adversal and BuyandSell Ads because its Adsense competitors working or having low traffic site use an others option.

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