How to Setup All in One WordPress SEO Plugin 2017

October 19, 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basic needs to rank higher in the Search engine. WordPress Use SEO Plugins for the optimized post to rank higher in Google guide how to configure All in One WordPress SEO Plugin.

All in One WordPress SEO Plugin

There are numbers of WordPress SEO Plugins are available for downloads, We letter discuss a complete guide how to use Yoast WordPress Plugin or a post about how to configure post using Yoast plugin. Also, a social media marketing is a part of Search Engine Optimization which is a huge source of getting traffic.

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Now let’s come to the topic in this post we discussed how to setup All in One WordPress SEO Here is Complete Configuration Guide to setup ALl in One SEO Plugin, Which helps to make users friendly blog in search engine.

How to Setup All in One WordPress SEO Plugin 2017

General Settings

Once Activated the Plugin Go head to configure the plugin go to All in one Plugin > General Setting.


General Settings page first option to set canonical URLs. Specifying a canonical URL for every post to allow you to avoid duplicate content penalty from Search Engine.

Home Page Settings

Home Page Setting you can Specify a title and description. This title can be different from WordPress title. Most important things ad your website important Keywords in the title. if you leave this field blanks All in One SEO Use by default.

Write home Description and write about your blog and also enter the most relevant keywords into the post.


Title Settings

Title settings are by default templates generate by WordPress. The could be a single main page, archives, tags, post, and category pages.

Each page of WordPress generates a title according to your title settings. We recommend that you leave by default settings. Just made a little bit change showing in images below just Get rid of | %blog_title% from title format.


for custom post settings


Keyword Settings

Keyword Settings you can enable or disable the use of meta keywords of your WordPress blog. If you do enable keywords, you also have the option to use your categories, post, and tags as meta keywords.


Non-index Settings.

In Non-index setting, you allow google what to index in the search engine and which one you don’t want to index in the search engine.

Use Settings for non-index as we create for you


Setting Up Post Meta Title & Description.

Setting the title and meta description is very usable in the search engine because you tell Search Engine what content in the post. If you already use WordPress Yoast Plugin you’ll already be familiar the process of editing post and description. write Title must have your keyword and also write some little bit detail including keywords in the description۔


don’t use meta keywords if you don’t know how meta keywords work by default use description google check keywords and rank in automatically.

Addition Features.

XML Sitemap: Using XML Sitemap generate and ad into Google Webmaster tools help’s to indexing your web site in Search engine.

Social Meta: An integrated WordPress tools for adding your data post into Social media site.

Compare ALL in One SEO and Yoast SEO Plugin.

All In one SEO Tools that are great SEO tools for beginners and more advanced users. However, the biggest grip it’s doesn’t offer the readability and Keywords optimization tools that Yoast SEO Plugin offers.

We recommend SEO Yoast for beginners users if you have a little bit experience of How to Optimized Keywords All in one serve your needs fine.


The conclusion of post-configure All in One WordPress SEO Plugin is for beginners user and not for who want to use keywords for better content writing.

While Yoast SEO plugin is our preferred pick for WordPress SEO. All in one SEO pack is good tools for on-page SEO pack.

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Download: All in one SEO plugin


have any questions in relation to how to configure All in One WordPress SEO Plugin ? Feel free to submit in comment section below.


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