altervista How create free WordPress website and Start blogging

July 24, 2017

Create a free blog with having awesome benefits using altervista that create wordpress blog free site having advertisements system and good way to earn money using adsense.

Website is an Italian web platform where you can freely open a website, blog and earn with your own web traffic. Founded in 2000 by a student  of the Politecnico di Torino, he was a member of the Banzai S.p.A. Since 2006 and has been part of the Mondadori group since 2016.


AlterVista’s services, with some variations depending on the nation, are available globally.

On AlterVista you can create a website with PHP, MySQL database and FTP access. Space usage is free, but available resources, such as web space and monthly traffic, are initially limited and expandable through the purchase or placement of advertisements. There are auto-installing applications and a WYSIWYG site builder called AlterPages. Traditional hosting is complemented by WordPress-based blogging service with unlimited resources.

Altervista was created in 2001 and it’s one in all the most important free hosting community within the world. gap a web site in Altervista prices nothing, you’ll be able to even earn if you open web site and activate some ads banner.

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what is altervista ? How create free WordPress website and Start blogging

How frustrating is to reach a website after a long buffering or watching the page slowly charging while you’re waiting to read the content you were looking for? To me: a lot.  That’s the reason why New released a new cache system for your blog. To make your blog faster, to improve the user experience, to extend the availability of all your contents in shorts: to make your visitors happier.

Altervista cache is a cutting edge HTTP accelerator designed to reduce loading time of web pages to a minimum. Less time spent waiting while the page is loading, better user experience on your Altervista blog.

Activate  Cache on your blog it takes you a moment: choose  Cache from the Settings menu on your Dashboard and click on Activate your cache and enjoy your blog, faster and smarter.

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