Top 3 Free wordpress caching plugins 2017

October 14, 2017

Why using WordPress Cache Plugin? And which is the best free WordPress Caching Plugins ? Can you ever click on the back button on your web browser page it takes more than 5 seconds to load your back page it’s just because the cache plugins are working in the background.

wordpress caching plugins

If you want to run WordPress website the most important plugin that speeds up your website is cache plugins you need. excessive load time can limit the page speed and they can affect on Search engine ranking. However, Free low cost caching plugin can easily resolve this issues ever pushed rank in search engine.

In this article, we’ll be providing the top three most popular caching plugins on the market.

Top 3 WordPress caching plugins 2017

What is Caching?

Caching is temporarily place where data is stored temporarily. When a user returns use the page can load on temporarily place that’s means browser need less only fresh information from the server.

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Caching plugins are saved data via dynamically generated HTML files from the cache when the request made the can’t use PHP that the reason the load time is very low of the WordPress site.

1: WP Super Cache

wp super cache wordpress caching plugins

Highly Popular free WordPress caching plugin, WordPress Super cache is the best WordPress Caching plugins has 1Million+ Active install and user rating 4.2 over 5 stars. It keeps server loads minimum when you received millions of web users on your website.

If you setting up your WordPress Super cache like a professional it cut down the time of your loading speed 0.86 seconds. They can reduce loading time speed by 29% and make fastest loading speed of your website in our reviews WP super cache is the best WordPress caching Plugins.

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WP Super Cache can use static pages with a mod_rewrite mode which is faster then Usual PHP generated HTML.  The plugin also supports Content Delivery Network(CDN) important part in future use.

2: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache wordpress caching plugins

W3 Total Cache is a second-best caching plugin with more than 1million plus downloads and active install. if you’re looking a free caching plugin that offers many customization options.

The plugin is a fabulous caching solution with precise specs. you don’t haven’t ideas about caching plugin setting w3 total comes with the one-click setup. plugin utilizes file GZIP and minification. The W3 total cache also supports CDN if you want to use in future.

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Setting up Plugin W3 Total cache according to Pingdom the average speed of site loading is 1.05 seconds and improvement of speed 29%.

3: WP Fastest Cache

wp fastest cache wordpress caching plugins

WP Fastest cache is same caching plugins, some of the customization function is easier to the average user. There is more than 400K active install of WP fastest caching plugin, and the other one it’s rated by user 4.8 stars out of 5 in WordPress Plugins directory.

According to WP Fastest cache developers plugin is easier to use and fastest wp-cache system. Caching plugin generates static HTML bases your WordPress blog and saves cache in temp.

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In Our Speed test wp fastest plugin improvement, the speed of average of 15.04% in Pingdom website loading speed is 2.03%. The plugin uses mod_rewrite to create HTML files.

Conclusion – best image optimization plugin WordPress:

In my Opinion, Free WordPress caching plugins is wp total cache plugin is one of the best caching plugins is currently on the market, I Also using this plugin on this blog.  more you can see all other options Choose the plugin that  you required for your business,

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