5 best image optimization plugin WordPress 2017

September 26, 2017

Do you need WordPress image compression plugin? Right place for finding best image optimization plugin WordPress to optimized WordPress images for load faster and less load on web server.

To do Search engine optimization of your blog site loading speed is the main part of SEO more reduces can reduce the size of website and your site load faster then other.

5 best image optimization plugin WordPress 2017

Most of the users load high resolution images on post and it’s become a one of the reason that site loading speed slow and take time to load complete website. Google and other search engine give high preference to web pages that highly optimized for speed.

A large number of peoples now days continues to start using smartphone and it’s increase day by day. user hate to wait while website take long time to load. it’s better to enhanced loading time of web pages before you lose customers.

A lots of website are using wordpress page speed optimization plugins to optimized web site and speed in this article we list some of best compressor plugin in for WordPress.

5 best image optimization plugin wordpress 2017

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW image optimizer is best image optimizer wordpress for optimizing images. Plugin automatically optimize your image as soon you upload them to blog. It can help and optimizing images that you uploaded previously. After installing EWWW Image Optimizer the local optimization process is made possible such as pre-compiled binaries intalled of local WordPress folder.

Best advantages of EWWW image optimizer the optimization process takes place with your own server default instead of connection to a third party service its means that less time is required to Optimize image.

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EWWW image optimizer also offer cloud optimization feature, which taking a bit longer to bypass the setup process. If your website load images faster you get heavy traffic and return make you generate revenue and smaller size of the images help to create backup and maintenance faster. Other best thing of this plugin is that maintain quality of images before and after optimization process.

2: ShortPixel

Another best photo compressor plugin for use minimal resources from Shared, VPS, Cloud and dedicated web hosting. plugin compress pictures for website and also optimize any images are in media library or galleries.

Both lossless image compression is available for the most common image types png image optimizer or  JPG ,  WebP and Gif ) or also PDF files. You must subscribe ShorPixel to get the API Key for running this plugin. After install of plugin all images including JPEG , PNG , an Gif you upload they automatically optimized.

A bulk image optimization tool is including and images can be compress using media library and each file having Optimize Now button.

Now let’s talk about the prices a free sign up entitles you to a 100 image compression per month and additional you should purchase the pro plan.

Shortpixel Pro plans start at 4.99$/month, and one time packages also available which include 10,000 images with price of $9.99 .

3: Compress JPG & PNG Images

Another wordpress free image optimizer plugin for faster optimization of your images automatically. Plugin is integrating with popular image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG.

Plugin automatically optimize new and old images also optimize available in your media library. Easy bulk optimization tools is available and you also resize large original images by setting a maximum width or height۔ Plugin image optimisation tool Support compression of animated PNG.

4: WP

WP smush.It is a good wordpress performance optimization Compressing WordPress Images automatically with out depressing the quality. Once Install all images will compress automatically.

Plugin will be automatically optimized website and bulk option is enable multiple task at once and you can optimized 50 Images at on time in the free version.

By Default WP-smush uses lossless image compression techniques but when you use pro version super smush option optimizes each image multiple time using lossless compression but in this article we only discussed  free version of free photo optimizer.

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Plugin helps your site higher ranking in search engine and the quality of Image is remain the same but its gets compressed. with its advanced feature images are automatically smashed and optimized when its loaded.

5: Optimus

Optimus wordpress image compression plugin reduce the file size of uploaded media files automatically. All image compression depends on image size and format up to 70 % if possible.

Plugin save several kilobytes per image these saving is contribute positively of the performance of the website. after compression the quality of images is remain. Optimus performs excellence work and comes with actual optimization process.

Plugin has a simple setting which makes it good choice if you’re looking for sheer performance Free version have limitation of max 100KB per image.

During the uploading process the Optimus plugin simultaneously sends the images to Optimus server where the incoming materiel is process and sen back after optimizing.

Conclusion – best image optimization plugin WordPress:

In my Opinion, EWWW image optimizer is best image optimization plugin WordPress more you can see all other option Choose the plugin that  you required for your business ,

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