How to install WordPress on XAMPP (Professional Guide)

October 27, 2017

Installing WordPress is easy or when you install WordPress on Xampp Server it’s a little bit different to install on the server. we create a tutorial guide to step by step installation of Xampp so you can install WordPress on your PC. Usually, People are using hosting services for developing testing.

How to install WordPress on XAMPP

Tools We Required?

  • WordPress

What Is XAMPP?

Xampp is free Open Source web server platform developed by Apache friends.  Apache Server is a platform is used to run PHP on pc and computer. Its extremely free developer’s tools to create a local server for testing web application and used only deployment purpose. It does not only work on Windows it Also works on Linux and Ubuntu.  let’s comes to the topic we Install WordPress on Xampp or use into PC.

Where to Download?

Downloading XAMPP is easy just go to Official website XAMPP and Downloading WordPress Go to Official WordPress Download Page and click Download Button



How to Install XAMMP?

Once you have downloaded the XAMPP server on PC click on the setup to begin Installing XAMPP


Simple Click Next and windows showed select component list leave it by default after that choose the location where to install the best location of installing XAMPP is C:/XAMPP or if you want you can choose another and Click Install Button.


Now you have successfully installed XAMPP on Windows let’s go Start menu and click on XAMPP Application for a run after the Application runs just click to start run two se.rvices called apache and MySQL.


After both services are active go to download WordPress and Extract WordPress on C:/XAMPP/htdocs and copy WordPress Folder here.

Copy WordPress Folder

After Copy again go to XAMPP server interface and click on Admin to open PHPMyAdmin for creating Data Base and Users Account or You can open PHPMyAdmin using a web browser address “localhost/PHPMyAdmin” after open PHPMyAdmin First, click on New for Create Database

Create Database in PHPMyAdmin

after creating a database go to the browser and in the address write  “localhost/wordpress” and hit enter. First, Select the language which you want and press the next button

Starting WordPress Installation

In this screen, WordPress tell which things are required for installation Database name, Username, Password, and the host just click on let’s go button to continue the install process. On the next screen, you will add all detail the Database name you created and by default, the username is “root” and password field it will blank and host I localhost press Submit button.

WordPress Database Connection

If all things are goods then it goes to next page then click on run and install button to install WordPress.

Enter Blog Information

Now click the page title, Username and email address of your domain and set the password and click install WordPress and your WordPress is Install Successfully.




How to install WordPress on XAMPP (Professional Guide)

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