VideoTube v1.2.9 PHP Video Sharing Script 2018

December 11, 2017

VideoTube v1.2.9 PHP Video Sharing Script 2018, VideoTube v1.2.9 PHP Video Sharing Script 2018  , VideoTube v1.2.9 PHP Video Sharing Script 2018

  VideoTube v1.2.9


Social Network Capabilities.
VideoTube is a video based script, but it can be used to create a social network on top of the video content.
A user has the option to publish his status or share his photos on his news feed timeline and allow other users to repost the status post. Like the retweet system of twitter.

Import videos from external sources.
If you don’t have a lot of space to store mp4 videos on your own server or maybe you are using shared hosting, you can easily import and embed videos from external sources like Youtube or Vimeo. Simply copy the video link and post on your Video tube channel.
Also, the admin can select which sources will be allowed to import videos from.

Adaptive Material Design
VideoTube detects if the user is browsing from a mobile device or a desktop browser and adapts to the current environment.
On mobile devices, VT will serv a material design mobile version.

For custom external video sources, we can discuss
Email: pixelotetm[at]

Theming System.
Similar to WordPress, on the backend, the admin can select the default theme. VT’s Theming system is very easy to modify and create custom themes, you can even sell some of your custom themes on codester if you want.

Translation Ready
Translate VideoTube into any language, use our English file to translate to your native language.

Advanced Video Content Management System 
VideoTube offers a plethora of options in its content management system that will help you configure and modify the things around your website more easily.

PayPal Ads Manager
Videotube at it’s core allows the admin to set a featured video post on the news feed from the admin dashboard. And the videotube paypal ads manager extention will extent videotube allowing users to be able to setup an paid featured video.

( the extension is also included in the download files )

How does this paypal ads manager extension work ?
Well…, i am glad you’ve asked.


VideoTube v1.2.9 PHP Video Sharing Script 2018

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