What is WordPress.org Difference Between WordPress.com Or WordPress.org

September 5, 2016

A new person who using WordPress they can’t know about What is WordPress org and the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org actually WordPress.org is hosting your website and WordPress.com you host your own website or blog.

What is WordPress org

Difference Between WordPress.com Or WordPress.org

WordPress.org site where you can find  free WordPress software download and install on your own web server. you can buy own resources like Web hosting.

In the WordPress.com give you free web hosting you don’t need to download software, don’t need to pay for hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting Server.

 Advantage and Disadvantages of WordPress.com or WordPress.org

Both WordPress.com or WordPress.org having some of advantages and disadvantages chose your desire after reading the about both. Wordpress org support is very use full to use both wordpress hosting platform.

Disadvantages of WordPress.com. using this you have to chose sub domain like “example.WordPress.com” Also you can’t having permission to upload custom themes, plugins and not having access to change PHP code behind your website. all the themes and plugin is available on Website you just install and use these plugins. limited data storage capacity.

In the other hands WordPress.org is free to setup your own domain and install premium plugins and custom themes. you should purchase WordPress Hosting for running website.. having ability to to upload videos on WordPress site. it’s free to download you just up load on your web server just few step to install WordPress in your server. you also have lots of option for customizing your WordPress blog.

WordPress.org is open source free CMS you have fully control on your blog using WordPress site. using hosted WordPress site you can user your own domain name, upload and install themes that you want there is no limit to install its depends on your Hosting packages, option to edit code behind running website also having access to database files and system files. you can also buy Custom-made WordPress Themes having unique function and also developed Custom WordPress theme design themes accordingly to your requirements.



What is WordPress org Difference Between WordPress.com Or WordPress.org

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