How To Configure WordPress All in One Seo Plugin Tutorial 2016

August 28, 2016

World’s most advances SEO WordPress Plugin for blogger, business , e-commerce website . How to quickly configure WordPress All in One Seo Plugin, WordPress all in one seo plugin is highly recommended to use this plugin if your website is e-Commerce because this plugin basically developed for E-Commerce purpose . if you are using an other website like blog you have to use WordPress By Yoast Plugin .

How To Configure WordPress All in One Seo Plugin Tutorial 2016

How to Install All in One SEO Plugin ?

Go to your WordPress dashboard chose plugin and click the install plugin option in the plugin menu now click search bar and enter all in one SEO and press enter now click on install button to get install the plugin, Also click active button to activate the plugin .

Install All in One Seo

Configure All in One Seo Plugin General Settings ?

Click here for documentation on this setting

and next remove the %blog_title%  name from 
Remove all the blog title because google recommend to remove for bettor ranking. Now Chose all of these option that is showing.
Webmaster Verification by default you can see how to Add Website in webmaster tools and Bing for using google and Bing webmaster function.
Google setting this function is disable by google in last few year so you can leave it blank but one thing that you enter in google setting that is google tracking ID most important things that use to obtain your website visitor information in Google Webmaster tools.
 Chose All of these option that i Select in above snapshot . next advance setting you should leave default. Keyword Setting leave it disable .

How To Configure WordPress All in One Seo Plugin Tutorial 2016

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