How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed and Improve web speed

November 2, 2017

Often beginners think that the website looking good and working fine just because it’s not slow your pc and that is Huge mistake and reason website not rank in Search engine and WordPress Website Speed using Pindgon.

Since you visit any website, modern browser like chrome, firefox etc automatically store cache into pc and when you visit again then they will retrieve data from cache and that’s reason website looking load faster and you can’t find any issue but it’s a big mistake when someone who never visit your website come to website it will take a huge time to load website also load on your web server.

Resolving this issue every website should have to cache plugins install on WordPress so the website speed is faster than others.

let’s come to the topic Now I tell you about where to check your WordPress website speed to improve search result.

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed and Improve web speed

For Checking Website speed in a different location, we recommend testing your website speed using Pingdom. It’s a free online tool allow to test your website speed. we already post Free SEO Tools for website check out our list.

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed and Improve web speed

After you run Pingdom website speed test you should know your website actual speed for recommending best speed load time is not more than 2 sec which called the best website loading speed.

However, for recommended hosting for WordPress is the faster you can make it, the better it is.  and recommend a theme for fastest loading we post in our blog take a look on it.

Pingdom WordPress Speed

Now when you check your page has issued the website complete guide where you need to check and resolve the issue regarding page.

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