how to use seo on wordpress optimized for search engines Using Yoast

September 21, 2017

No one actually know about how to use seo on wordpress using yoast plugin i am creating a post step by step guide how use all function of yoast plugins create a fully optimized post for search engine

how to use seo on wordpress optimized for search engines

How to Chose Title and permalinks for wordpress post.

Title : Best way to chose wordpress post title start with post keyword want to optimize on demo i use the keyword free wordpress hosting for post title not so long or not small its only 60 to 70 character is good for rank higher.

Permalinks: Chose Only the Keyword want to optimize

How to set Title or permalinks wordpress post

How to use Text in your post:

First Paragraph : Starting the paragraph must insert keyword into first paragraph and complete intro of post also put two or three other keywords into your first paragraph.

Post contain more then 300 words is good rank don’t less words in post

First Paragraph

Bold : Bold the Keyword in first paragraph or all keywords use in post must be bold

H2 Tag:  Must use 1 H2 tag into post to define which topic have in Post.

H2 Tags in wordpress

Images :  Use at least one image in post must have Keywords in alter tag  .

Outbound links : at least one out bound links create in post .

Internal Links : internal links is good to optimized post more the 2 internal links attach with post.

How to Setup post setting in yoast 

Yoast seo wordpress plugin If you done all the settings in your post then its simple to setup post settings in yoast plugin. Firstly insert the focus keywords in to yoast they will automatically optimized your post an sign will give you green .

How To Setup WordPress yoast plugin wordpress – Yoast Seo Tutorial 2016

Now add your first paragraph into description box must see the keyword into your description is show in yoast.

Now your post is how to use seo on wordpress seo by yoast fully optimized for Search Engine and wait for the ranking feel free to contact with me if you have any issue regarding this post.

how to use seo on wordpress optimized for search engines

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