WordPress Yoast SEO New Post Setting Complete SEO Content Analysis

September 10, 2016

New user WordPress Trouble to full fill the requirement of yoast SEO Content Analysis Fields and they don’t know to resolve new post complete yoast seo tips for SEO content analysis become green. The Post tells you about how and what error in your post complete guide how to configure your post that your post look highly content seo and wordpress page and rank.

Seo Yoast Analysis your post on behalf of your data if they find some thing missing on you post or something wrong with your text they highlight the error and user will solve this for highest ranking in google. In first you have to see my post look like these so continue to start how we resolve all the issue of post.


SEO Yoast with out settings

Start from 10 you’ve never used this focus keyword before, very good means the keyword you selected yoast seo you can’t use this keyword to any other post that the reason it’s good for the post.

In number 9 the focus keyword appears in the URL for this page that means you used your keyword in to your link. mention on image i used my keyword into my link.


In 8 the focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy, that’s means that keyword you selected you must used this keyword on your first paragraph in your post .


In 7  Choosing SEO title you have to used title minimum 40 words and maximum 70 words in both case if title is less and title is exceed you get the error in post setting.


In 6 No Links appears in this page, consider adding some as appropriate means you haven’t used any outbound links in this post used some outer website links on your post.


In no 5 meta description you used in Yoast SEO must be grater then 120 or maximum 160 this is the stander words in all the search engines or you should use your keyword in meta description the reason is the keyword you chose associate with this post its good for post ranking in search engines.


In 4 no images appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate means in your post no image having tag your keyword so adding images on post you should add alt tag with keywords.

In 3 Same like 5 meta description does’t have keyword so use keyword in meta description.

In 2 the focus keyword “Yoast SEO” does not appear in the SEO title means i can’t use my keyword into my title of post used keyword in your title.

lastly the minimum contains words in 300 recommended by yoast so add minimum 300 words in your post so they consider the highly contents post after you configure your first post with seo settings your post analysis see like this.

WordPress Yoast SEO New Post Setting Complete SEO Content Analysis

Hope the post help you to create WordPress post with yoast plugin seo settings feel free to contact if you have any other question about this subscribe our newsletter or fan page and don’t forget to comment.


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